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Joanne Kossuth

As Vice President for Operations and CIO, Ms.Kossuth has primary responsibility for the operational and technology areas of the college. These include: conference services, dining services, environmental health and safety, electronic security, facilities (Olin College was rfecently names the first Center of Excellence by Aramark Facilities Servcies), human resources, information technology, planning and project management, and public safety. As the Associate Director of the Three College Collaboration (BOW), she is responsible for fostering non-academic relationships with neighboring institutions, including Babson, and Wellesley Colleges. Ms. Kossuth founded and convened the External Technology Advisory Board (EXTAB) upon her arrival at Olin College in November, 1999. The EXTAB continues to be an important part of IT governance at the College. More recently and in partnership with Thornton May, she founded the Olin Innovation Lab which brings together technology innovators (CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, Sr VPs) on the Olin campus twice a year. As Chief Information Officer, Ms. Kossuth has had a unique opportunity to design fully converged leading-edge technology facilities at Olin College from scratch, as well as to implement best IT practices from a ‘clean slate.’ Her IT leadership led to her being named one of Computerworld’s Premiere 100 CIOs in 2005. Her previous experience includes Systems Manager at Fisher College, Director of Information Technology at Wheelock College and Director of Computer Support Services at the Boston University School of Management. Ms. Kossuth’s professional background includes a B.A. from Holy Cross College and a M.S. from Lesley University with a concentration in developing and implementing information systems for small businesses. She also received technical certifications in areas such as network and security engineering from Novell, SANS, and Microsoft. She has been involved for a number of years in EDUCAUSE, a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology. Most recently she was selected as Dean of the Leading Change Institute (formerly Frye Institute), serves on the Nominations Committee, and is Director of the New IT Managers Program. Her previous service includes: EDUCAUSE Board Member, Chair of the 2009 Annual Conference Program Committee, Demand Aggregation Task Force, Management Institute Faculty Member; Chair of the 2020 committee focused on insuring the future relevance of EDUCAUSE to its members; EDUCAUSE Member Liaison Committee; Ryland Fellowship Advisory Group; Professional Development Committee and the Recognition Committee. Her publications include: “Looking at Clouds from All Sides Now” published in EDUCAUSE Review, “Attracting Women to Technical Professions,” and “Building Relationships Means Better IT Contracts,” both published in EDUCAUSE Quarterly as well as “The Converged Workplace” published in the ACUTA Journal of Technology in Higher Education and Chapter 32 of Olin College: Academic and Olin Centers in the EDUCAUSE E-Book “Learning Spaces.” Ms Kossuth continues to provide service and leadership to NERCOMP as a past Board Chair and the co-founder of the EDUCAUSE NERCOMP IT Manager Workshop Series. Among her keynotes and presentations are: Nemertes Research Conferences, IT Value Studio workshops, ACUTA, EDUCAUSE, NERCOMP, IDC Security Forum, ERAPPA, Seminars on Academic Computing, CUPA, ALA, Enterprise Computing and VoiceCon. She also serves as Chair of the Higher Education Advisory Board for ACUTA, is a member of the Town of Needham’s Technology Advisory Committee; as a Judge for the Computerworld Honors Program and the Connecticut Innovations Program; and was selected as a member of Pearson Education’s Strategic Advisory Board, Plantronics Unified Communications Advisory Board, E&I’sTechnology Strategy Team and HP/Intel’s Higher Education Advisory Council.

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Cyber security: Facing the New Reality of Coordinated Adversaries

Posted by Joanne Kossuth on Jan 12, 2016 7:53:35 PM

When I first got into Information Technology management a number of years ago, one of my biggest concerns was that an individual with some programming skills, a will to cause trouble and some luck might break into my network or my main website and deface the content. We called these types of risks, script kiddies. Now, IT leaders are facing unparalleled attacks from multiple and highly coordinated adversaries who have the power to put a company out of business, paralyze nation states and earn a lot of money in the process, in addition to receiving “cred” for the attacks.

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