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Ellen Chisa '10

I am a Product Manager at Blade. We're working on a new travel company. Interested in working with me? We're hiring. I'm never bored. I just completed the RC (first year) at Harvard Business School! Phew. I wrote down one key lesson from each class. I'm on leave right now, but I'll go back and finish someday - probably around the same time I decide to start my own company. This Spring, I taught a seminar in Product Management at Olin College. I've made my syllabus and every lesson available. I'm interested in teaching it again: if you want it for your company or university, please email me.
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What is the Blue Foam Revolution?

Insights from Olin's Educational Laboratory

Ideas, methodologies and experiments designed to further the revolution in engineering education. Posts will feature ideas and topics that are forward-thinking and top of mind for Olin College of Engineering President, Richard Miller, our alumni and several of our faculty members.

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